Acrylic Wedding Signs

Custom Made Acrylic Signage

Acrylic wedding signs have become a popular and contemporary choice for couples looking to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their wedding decor. These signs, made from transparent or coloured acrylic sheets, offer a sleek and polished appearance that complements various wedding themes and styles. The versatility of acrylic allows for a range of design options, from minimalist and classic to bold and artistic.

Wedding Acrylic Signs That Will Wow Your Guests

The transparency of acrylic signage creates a sophisticated look that seamlessly integrates with any colour scheme or backdrop. Couples can choose transparent acrylic or choose personalised designs, quotes, or greetings. This personal touch not only adds sentimental value but also turns the signs into unique keepsakes for both you and your guests. Our customisation tools allow you to tailor your acrylic cut to size to match your wedding theme, colours and design.

Our acrylic wedding signs can be customised to suit a variety of purposes during the wedding. From welcome signs and directional signage to table numbers, the possibilities are endless. The smooth surface of acrylic makes it easy to clean, ensuring that the signs maintain their clarity and readability throughout the event. Additionally, beyond its aesthetic appeal, acrylic is a practical choice, being weather-resistant and suitable for both indoor and outdoor celebrations.

Designing Your Acrylic Wedding Sign

Whether your wedding is taking place in a beautiful ballroom, a modern industrial venue, or a rustic barn, matching the signage to the surroundings helps create a visually appealing environment. To make sure it shines out on your special day, use colours and designs that will be both readable from a distance and able to be captured in photos! Selecting premium acrylic is essential to creating distinctive signage! While translucent acrylic signage is classic and adaptable, adding coloured acrylic lettering can give your wedding’s colour palette a lively new dimension. For more design tips contact Just Signage today!


Acrylic Wedding Welcome Signs

Acrylic welcome wedding signs serve as the perfect introduction to your special day, setting the tone for a celebration filled with elegance and warmth. Crafted from coloured or transparent acrylic signs, these pieces offer a unique aesthetic that captures the attention of arriving guests. If you already have an idea in mind or are feeling creative and want some assistance in bringing it to life, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Our laser cut acrylic offers a large range of acrylic colours and thicknesses, and we strive to offer the most affordable laser cutting service Australia Wide.


Acrylic Wedding Sign Features

✓ 10 x impact strength of glass

✓ Easily fabricated, thermoformed, polished or machined

✓ Excellent optical quality and light transmission

✓ Chemical resistance to common acids, alkalis, salt spray, petroleum oils and greases

✓ Excellent weather resistance


Acrylic Wedding Signs – Custom Made

One of our in-house designers will collaborate with you to capture the aesthetic of your wedding. We will then produce customised designs that will be noticed and remembered by your guests and offer the perfect keepsake of your wedding for years to come!

The details of a wedding play a pivotal role in transforming a celebration into a memorable experience. Every aspect, from the choice of flowers to the selection of decor, contributes to the overall atmosphere and aesthetic. Among these details acrylic wedding signs are the perfect finer detail, as it not only guides guests but also sets the tone for the entire event. Create your acrylic wedding signs online today or chat to one of our designers to create the perfect final touch to your special day.


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