Car Magnets


Our Car Magnets are a great promotional item for your business signage with plenty of marketing potential. This simple yet sophisticated design will impress customers, clients and staff. This product is suitable for outdoors on cars, panels etc and is an effective way to keep your contact details visible. For more car signage options click here!


Magnetic Signs for Cars – The #1 Sign for Brand Visibility

These flexible, removable magnetic signs provide a mobile canvas for businesses to showcase their brand, products, and services on the go. When it comes to visibility and promotional reach, car magnets stand out as an excellent option, offering a dynamic and eye-catching method of advertising. This ensures that the business’s reach extends beyond its physical location, effectively turning each staff member’s daily commute into a marketing opportunity. As vehicles travel through busy streets, highways, or even parking, the magnetic signs for cars become mobile advertisements, attracting high brand visibility.

Our Car Magnet Signs

At Just Signage we pride ourselves on offering the greatest range of customisation options at the lowest cost. We offer digitally printed graphics using either your own graphics or you can use our in-house designers. Our custom magnets are made with a magnetic back that adheres securely to a vehicle’s surface without causing damage, allowing for seamless updates and changes to the signage as needed. Businesses can showcase their logo, contact information, and key messaging on these magnets this is valuable for businesses with changing promotions, ensuring that staff vehicles remain dynamic and relevant. If you’re looking for more permanent options we also print custom stickers for cars!


Designing Your Business Car Magnets

Unlike large acrylic signage when it comes to designing car magnets for visibility, readability is essential. The message needs to be clear and easily comprehensible to viewers, often within seconds. Choosing a font that is bold and legible is crucial, ensuring that the text can be read from a distance. Contrasting colours between the background and text can also enhance readability, making the information more accessible to passersby. With Just Signage the options are endless. The beauty of custom magnets is that they can be made in bulk so that your whole business can use them!


As advertising car magnets, it’s important to also consider size for maximum impact. The magnet should be large enough to capture attention without overwhelming the vehicle’s surface. Striking the right balance between size and readability is crucial for creating an eye-catching and memorable advertisement.



At Just Signage Australia, we are proud to provide businesses with custom-made car magnets. Our custom signage is the perfect way to advertise your products, as well as expanding the reach of your brand. Personalise your advertising with custom layouts that you can create using our online design program. You can upload your own logos and artwork to ensure that the final product is a true representation of your business. We are committed to providing the quickest service and the best rates available in the market and produce all of our items locally in Ingleburn, NSW, shipping Australia wide. Design your custom car magnets today!

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