Fridge Magnets


Our Fridge Magnets are a great promotional item for your business signage with plenty of marketing potential. This simple yet sophisticated design will help you manage important documents, display photos or key reminders. This product is suitable for both personal use in homes or for businesses to advertise. For more custom magnet signage options click here!


Magnets For Fridges – Simple But Effective Advertising

Fridge magnets are a common household item, helping customers display important notes messages or contact information in a convenient and accessible location. Considering this, as a business, particularly a trade business, fridge magnets are an effective means of advertising your business. Designing fridge magnets with contact information and graphics means that you’re putting your brand in consumers homes ensuring that you’re who they contact when they need your goods or services. From personal use to business promotions, fridge magnets offer a dynamic and affordable solution for those seeking a creative way to communicate their message. If you’re looking for a small, compact advertising solution to posters or large acrylic signage, these fridge magnets are perfect!


Custom Fridge Magnets

Just Signage Online offers custom magnets for both personal and business use. Fridge magnets are often used to create funny images, cherished moments or quotes, at Just Signage online you can use our custom design tools to create personalised designs that reflect their individuality. Whether it’s a family photo, a memorable quote, or a piece of art, these magnets become unique decor items that add a personal touch to any kitchen or workspace. For other personalised momentos, check out our custom picture frames or acrylic photo panels!

Business Fridge Magnets

Just Signage offers businesses the opportunity to leverage fridge magnets for promotional purposes, enabling them to reach a wide audience in a non-intrusive manner. These magnets can be distributed as promotional giveaways, after service gifts or as business cards, enhancing brand visibility and fostering a positive association with the company.

To ensure effective advertising, consider these factors when designing your custom fridge magnets for business signage purposes. Firstly think about the visual appeal – the design should be eye-catching and memorable. Vibrant colours, engaging graphics, and a clear message contribute to the overall effectiveness of the magnet! Incorporating the brand’s logo or personal imagery that resonates with the individual adds a personal touch to the magnet. Logos should be clear and distinct, serving as a visual representation of the brand.


Fridge Magnets Australia Wide!

Our high-quality materials and printing processes ensure that the magnet withstands the rigours of regular use, maintaining its appearance over time. A durable fridge magnet not only ensures the longevity of the message but also reflects positively on the brand’s commitment to quality.

Since 2008, Just Signage Online has been supplying companies all throughout Australia with high-quality signage. We are committed to providing the quickest service and the best rates available in the market and produce all of our items locally in Ingleburn, NSW. We are capable of handling any size project. Tell us about your signage requirements, and we’ll suggest the best solution to meet them. Please call us at 02 7252 3955 if you need special items.


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