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Vehicle signage or vehicle signage stickers is a great technique to increase your company’s visibility. The least expensive form of advertising is vehicle and car signage when compared to print media or even storefront signs. In addition to being quite affordable, it doesn’t need any ongoing maintenance and can go with you anywhere, at any time to advertise your products or services. Vehicle signage is a fantastic method to gain attention, especially if your company travels frequently. You drive past several cars on the road daily, that’s a lot of potential customers!


Our Vehicle Signage Options

Vehicle signage can improve a vehicle’s appearance in a number of ways. The signage chosen will depend on a number of factors, including the type of vehicle it will be installed on, the intended usage, budget restrictions, and corporate preferences. Here are a few examples of our vehicle signage options.

Vehicle Stickers

Our Custom Vinyl Stickers are a perfect display option for all images and graphics and here at Just Signage we custom make each order in accordance to your business signage specifications. Our Vinyl Stickers are digitally printed and then are cut into individual stickers using a computerised graphtec cutter. We only use the highest quality of vinyl and solvent ink which makes this product suitable to be used on locations such as your car.


Magnetic Vehicle Signage

Vehicle magnets are a fantastic promotional product with lots of marketing potential for your company’s signage. Customers, clients, and employees will be impressed by the elegant yet simple design. This product is a great way to keep your contact information accessible and can be created to display everything from business slogans, contact details or graphics. The best thing about car magnets is they are easily removable making it easy to work with if you want to display different advertising or have temporary vehicles.


Aluminium Composite Panels for Utes & Cars

For all types of company branding and signage, aluminium composite panels are an excellent choice. Customers, consumers, and employees will be impressed by the elegant and robust design. If you’re looking for something more sophisticated and durable, this design is a terrific choice and works well with both vehicles and utes. This device is ideal for vehicle advertising because it offers a wide range of options.

Why Vehicle Signage for Your Business?

Increased Brand Awareness Through Mobile Advertising

Vehicle signage can display your company name, logo, and contact details on a moving car, therefore aiding in raising brand awareness. This has the potential to draw interest and leave a lasting impression on prospective clients. This is beneficial for increasing brand recognition for the goods and services offered by your business. Whether they’re parked, driving through busy city streets, or even stuck in traffic, branded vehicles catch the eyes of pedestrians and other drivers.


Cost-Effective Advertising

Vehicle signage is an affordable form of advertising that offers great value for the money you spend on marketing. The advertisement works for your company without incurring any further fees after the initial investment in design and installation because it goes to different sites and reaches a wide range of people.


Customised Designs

Whether you want a simple business logo or a large magnet graphic, signage for vehicles is completely customisable to help you create a consistent branding message across all vehicles in your fleet. Our custom signage is the perfect way to advertise your products, as well as expanding the reach of your brand.



You are in complete creative control of how your visuals look and how people view your company. You can leave it on your car for as long as you’d want, and you can decide how much text, images, colours, and patterns to use. Another benefit of vehicle signage is that it may be fully customised. Vehicle signage, as opposed to your main company sign, can easily be modified, replaced, or taken down.


Why Just Signage Online?

Just Signage’s commitment to quality ensures that your vehicle signage will last for as long as you need. We assist several Australian businesses in creating their vehicle signage needs. If you’re looking for other signage options check out our business signage page! We are committed to providing the quickest service and the best rates available in the market and produce all of our items locally in Ingleburn, NSW. We are capable of handling any size project. Tell us about your signage requirements, and we’ll suggest the best solution to meet them. Please call us at 02 7252 3955 if you need signage assistance.

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